INDIKA-animalreha SA is a center for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and osteopathy for dogs and cats. Our priority is the animal's well-being. Our patients are examined and treated with respect for the whole animal. In this way, traditional and complementary medicine are ideally combined. 

INDIKA-animalreha SA is run by a veterinary surgeon trained and specialised in neurology (ECVN), rehabilitation/physiotherapy (ECVSMR, FA physiotherapy), osteopathy (IMAOV) and acupuncture (IMAOV). 
In addition to outpatient treatment, convalescent animals can be hospitalised for intensive daily therapy, for example after a herniated disc. We also offer specific cures (e.g. osteoarthritis, pain) and wellness holidays breaks for your companion. We'll be happy to advise you on nutrition and training as part of your pet's diet. 

Of special importance for us is the management of elderly animals and their problems - Age is not a disease!